Technical, Vocational Education and Training
for Industry 4.0 transformation

To be competitive and efficient, Industries are compelled to robotize their facilities integrating the converging Digital and AI technologies.
Robotics is at the heart of their digital transformation and profoundly changes their operations and processes. It requires new skills, notably in robot programming, to pilot, command and control quality, security and flows.

Flexibility, Agility and resilience are contemporary key words.

What is ROS ?

Robots Programming Made Simple

Robotic Operating System (ROS) is a flexible and collaborative open-source framework for developing a robot software.

ROS provides a collection of tools, libraries, and conventions, to accelerate and simplify the creation of complex and robust robot functionalities across a wide variety of robotic platforms.


Develops, activates and matches your competencies with the industry 4.0 disruptive technologies.

Hands On

Based on expressed HR needs and on actual use-cases faced by industries


All assets are accessible on a global learning platform

Cross generation

Professionals and students are mixed, thus favoring the dialog, transfer of knowledge and talent recruitment.


A 5-days intensive program that mixes experts’ conferences and practical exercises on real-life professional situations.


Define your training path while navigating the multiple learning nuggets at your disposal.

EROS4PRO proposes a new approach to gain competencies
in robot software development and robots programming.


– Real use cases
– Access to Academic experts
– Talent recruitment
– Professional hands-on training
– Open Source Assets


– Robot command & control
– Manipulation
– Perception & Vision
– Digital & AI: Data – Analysis
– Interactions – Cobots
– Mobile robots
– Simulation
– Cloud Robotics
– Safety & Security


eROS4PRO is developping new learning nuggets to contribute to ROS communities
Choose from hundreds of learning nuggets the one that fits your need.

EROS4PRO covers a wide spectrum of robotics functionalities and is designed to be easily replicable with popular robotic hardware on the market.

The Partners